Little Sister Oley

Who are we?

Verne42 is an OpenSource community created by mathematicians, web developers, engineers, philosophers, painters, designers, lawyers, illustrators, chefs, architects, entrepreneurs, biochemists, and artists. Our common ground as citizens is to improve our society, and we welcome everyone that wants to be part of our community.

“Little Sisters” is our first OpenSource project, which aims at simplifying the legislation flow in a clear, concise, and more comprehensible way in order to be able to demand accountability from our legislators.

“Oley” is our first Little Sister. As a first iteration, the functionality is still limited, but the data is real. We need your feedback to get this project running!

Please let us know your thoughts by contacting us at

You can start by testing the data from Mexico’s first legislature period:

NOTE: This is a minimum UI iteration.